Logistics/Supply Chain Management

Savings for the Long Haul

Our clients enjoy an average annual net savings of 9%

70% of the time you continue using your incumbent carriers at a reduced rate. This can be performed for all modes of transportation, both international and domestic, with an average annual net savings rate for any company of approximately 9%.


  • Consistent pricing structures among like carriers
  • Incumbent carriers at reduced rates
  • Sustained savings
  • Improved or equal carrier service
  • Increased logistic cost quoting accuracy
  • Carrier operation focus reduces carrier turnover and simplifies daily distribution
  • Enhanced Customer Service.



(Transportation Management Software or TMS)

Most companies today utilize multiple carrier websites to quote, track, optimize and tender daily shipments. This is a pain and challenge to daily operations slowing cash flow. We offer a web-based transportation management application allowing you to do all the above from one place. It is accessible within the sales, customer service, finance, procurement and transportation departments.

Easily Integrated

Transportation Management Software can integrate with most off-the-shelf and homegrown ERP platforms. After integration, many manual tasks can be automated, saving time and insuring operation consistency.


  • Streamlined internal and external communications
  • Proactive and reactive planning
  • Integration with most off-the-shelf and homegrown ERP platforms
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Reduced costs through better decision making
  • Automation and elimination of manual functions


Freight Payment

It is a fact! If you have not standardized your carrier rates and rules, you are overpaying your transportation invoices. The rate is only one part of the cost; the rules govern what and how the rates are applied and have a significant impact on your actual invoice. Some rules include: restricted access allowances, cube and dimensional factors, lane volume adjustments, weight and inspections, guaranteed service failures, the list goes on …
The cure is to allow us to negotiate the rates and rules on your behalf and then populate those rates into the TMS platform. This insures invoice accuracy within +/- $.05 of carrier billing. This process enables you to pay for all logistics transactions in a single check.


  • Negotiated standardized rates & rules
  • Reduced payment errors, double payments, etc.
  • One check payment process
  • Single step general ledger coding
  • Payment data archiving


Business Reporting Visibility and Accountability

Most companies cannot intimately understand their logistics costs due to many different variables, but the most common variables are not fully understanding how to relate the expense to the annual sales dollars, reduction of inventory or promotions and/or sale of products for a given time period.

We capture through the freight payment process over 62 fields of data from a carrier’s invoice to provide reporting that can positively impact any company’s bottom line. Have you ever wanted to know the following?
What were our cost drivers logistically 2nd Quarter last year vs. 2nd Quarter this year?

  • Can I eliminate one of our three warehouses in the Southeast and still serve my customers in that area at the same level of service?
  • Why on our prepaid and add freight did we not break even as we should have? Where is the disconnect between sales and accounts receivables?
  • If we were to consolidate our manufacturing into one location from our current 3 locations where would the most optimal place for that new location?
  • If we wanted to eliminate our private fleet, what would be the costs and service impact by transitioning to a carrier for hire environment?

All of these questions can be answered easily through the reporting that is available to you weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually or by special project request.


  • Current state vs. future state cause and effect
  • Proactive management
  • Validation of decision making through comprehensive logistics visibility